Campos de Sueños

Our children´s community center located in Santa Maria de Jesus, Sacatepéquez. Bringing service and the word of God to nearly 1,000 children and their families each week. –





IDC Missions

Come and be one of our more than 650 annual volunteers helping the people of Guatemala through Iglesia del Camino.  You will assist not only  with our projects, but many other like-minded ministries as well.  Whether building homes for families in need, distributing water filters, helping with children’s bible clubs, providing medical care or street evangelism, you will be challenged. God wants you to grow in your personal relationship with Him, your perspective about what He is doing around the world. He wants to use YOU to advance His kingdom. You can’t change Guatemala in a week, but if given the opportunity, God can use Guatemala to change you.  Catch the vision! –


MilCasas – The Project

An outreach with the goal to build 1000 homes. The homes will impact more than 100 communities in our department of Sacatepéquez.  The receiving families are among the poorest of the poor in Guatemala, some living on less than $1 a day.  The pastors will be instrumental in building the homes and building relationships with the families and Jesus Christ, our Savior.  You can make a lasting difference in the lives and eternity of these people by sponsoring a home.  –